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If you would like to set up an automated payment to a utility – call us at any of our locations and we can help you with that!

Kimball/Main Office (320) 398-3500
Saint Augusta Office (320) 251-6100
Atwater Office (320) 974-8861
Kandiyohi Office (320) 382-6100

For a quick one-time payment, you can use Paypal


Want to know how far a dollar went in 1950 – Check this out!

Ever wonder how the inflation rate is figured, or what it is? Click here for details. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is one common measure. It turns out that records are kept (or reconstructed) all the way back to 1800. So, if you want to know what a dollar was worth in 1933 in terms of today’s values, just go to the CPI index for 1933 and do the math – the site tells you how.

Why bother? Well, you might want to know if you are gaining or losing ground over inflation, back to a certain date. Maybe your family is reminiscing about prices way back when, you can brightly convert it into today’s dollars and be the hit of the party. Perhaps you are reading that the railroad workers were paid a dollar a day back in a certain year. Is that a lot or a little? The CPI can put it in perspective.

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