ID TheftSmart

Introducing Kroll’s IDTheftSmart™

Identity theft is on the rise, targeting people of all ages.  What is identity theft?  In case you don’t already know, there are different types, such as when one’s credit card, debit card or checks are stolen (“account takeover”) or even when new credit is established in one’s name, W-2 or driver’s license are used in criminal activity (known as Identity fraud)!   The good news is, while nobody can prevent an identity theft event from occurring, you can protect yourself.  Harvest Bank now offers IdTheftsmart™, a United Bankers’ Bank-endorsed product that gives you access to a team of licensed private investigators.  That team is there to help advise you along the way (you can contact them anytime with anonymous questions and for advice).  In the unfortunate event that identity theft occurs, they will collect your personal identifying information and do all the work for you to restore your good name.

It is a modern-day insurance policy where if nothing happens you are better educated for the consultative service they provide and if something does happen you are covered.  Harvest Bank is providing this product for $2.00/month for its customers, a lot less than some other products on the market.  Ask any staff person for more information or to sign up today!

To learn more, call us at the bank or click on Kroll’s IdTheftsmart™ product for more information.