Bank EFT

Interested in automatic payroll, or invoice billing? Bank EFT is a secure (SSL) integrated delivery portal for ACH transactions. You can cut costs of printing out paychecks for payroll. You can use Bank EFT for both debit and credit transactions. Whether you are pulling from customers’ accounts to pay for an invoice or donation, etc., or crediting employees’ accounts for payroll, Bank EFT offers a quick and easy way to create an ACH file that the State Bank of Kimball will process through the Automated Clearing House. It is an inexpensive tool for your business to save on postage and paper.

Please stop in or call Kimball (320) 398-3500, St Augusta (320) 251-6100, Atwater (320) 974-8861 or Kandiyohi (320) 382-6100 for any questions or demonstrations.