5 Tips from our Lenders on Taking Advantage of
Historically Low Home Mortgage Rates


Rates may have moved more than you think.  Freddie Mac data shows 30-year interest rates have fallen about 0.8% in the last 15 months – a big move!

Buyers can afford 11% more home than at the start of 2014.  Lower rates mean lower payments – so your dollar stretches farther when home shopping.

Borrowers needing non-conventional financing may benefit most from low rates.  FHA mortgage rates are literally as low as they have ever been, and VA mortgages commonly carry lower rates yet.  We work with all home financing programs to get you the best possible deal.

Cash out refinancing could cut your tax bill or ease your cash flow.  Borrowing against your home to finance a big purchase or consolidate other debts may reduce your tax bill through the mortgage interest deduction, and cut your interest rate too.

Look up your current rate and call us.  There is no hard and fast rule of how far your interest rate has to drop to make refinancing worthwhile.  We can offer advice on whether refinancing makes sense for your personal situation.

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